The New Era of Search Engine Optimization

Performing well on search engines is no longer just about keywords, links, pages and meta data.

Yes Powerful Keyword Tracking & Discovery Tools
Yes Integrates with Google Webmaster Tools
Yes Powerful Article Distribution & Tracking
Yes Social Media Automation & Insights
Yes Build Your Own Long Tail Keyword Strategy.

Search Engine Performance Management

Comet is a powerful online SEO software designed for website owners and webmasters to efficiently manage the search engine performance of websites. Our SEO tool integrates with powerful and industry standard search engine performance management tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Yahoo and Bing Search, Facebook Insights and many other server side tools to bring you valuable SEO data under one roof to help you consolidate your SEO efforts and focus on data that matters the most.

More than just SEO

Comet is more than just another web based SEO software. SEO is no longer just about the usual keywords, meta data, on-page and off-page elements that have been discussed and exploited for years now. Ever since the changes to Google's search algorithms in 2011 (the Panda Update to be more specific), SEO has taken on a new meaning with content and social playing a role in SEO that's become greater than ever before in the history of SEO.

If you're anything like a typical online marketer, you use 2-3 different SEO tools to get the information you need to stay on top of the game. Then you have another couple of tools to track your social presence and once that's out of the way, you have another 3 maybe 4 tools to manage article distribution to create those juicy backlinks.

When all that's done, you switch to mighty excel spreadsheets to make sense of all this data.

You could save all the time and hassle of managing a dozen different SEO related tools by using Comet