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Despite the rise in organic SEO and content marketing, PPC, or “pay per click,” remains a popular and valuable search engine marketing strategy. And because PPC is a highly-structured Google program, your results are easy to track and in-depth data is right at your fingertips – no fancy online SEO optimization software required.

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For many small businesses, traditional “SEO” isn’t particularly productive. Sure, ranking for some terms is great, but why rank for “cupcakes” across all Google searches when you only sell cupcakes in Auckland? This is where local SEO comes in. Here are a few tips to help beat out the competition in your area…

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I’ll cut right to the chase here – the more you know about SEO, the better. And even if you’ve been in the field for a long time or have excellent online SEO optimization software, there’s always more you can learn. Here are 20 quick SEO tips – and hopefully several that help you improve your search engine performance…

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